Gulfstream 550
Independent Review by Jet Advisors
It says a lot to be among the first to pioneer something new, an honor which the Gulfstream 550 deserves.  It was one of the original private jets in the ultra‑long‑range class; at the time of its release it had the longest range (7,760 miles/6,750 nautical miles).  It can complete trips of over fourteen hours and easily fly from Tokyo to New York or from New York to the southernmost tip of South America.
The cabin of the Gulfstream 550 is 50.1 feet long, 6.2 feet high, and 7.3 feet wide, for a total cabin volume of 1,669 cubic feet. Its extra‑wide oval windows are unique to Gulfstreams and provide plenty of light and a great view.  The cabin usually seats between fourteen and nineteen people. According to Gulfstream at the time of the Gulfstream 550’s release, no other private jet with full fuel tanks could fly more passengers a further distance in less time than the G550 could.
The avionics suite of the Gulfstream 550 is unique among private jets. Gulfstream’s Plane View Cockpit is based on the Honeywell Primus Epic Suite.  It is unique because it includes the Honeywell Head-Up Display (HUD) and visual guidance system as well as the Gulfstream Enhanced Vision System (EVS), which together allow pilots to complete instrument landings in very low-visibility conditions.  The EVS and HUD create a real-time display of the runway and the surrounding area with infrared sensors.  The light sensors are accurate enough to display the reflective lights on the runway stripes.  This system allows landings to take place in conditions that practically every other private jet cannot.
The Gulfstream 550 has been successful in the business and private jet industry.  It is used by both the U.S. military, where it has been renamed C‑37, and the Israeli Air Force.  The Gulfstream 550 climbs quickly, flies fast, and goes far.  It has excellent range/payload capabilities and boasts a range beyond almost all private jets.  For those that want top performance, the Gulfstream 550 is hard to beat.


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